Raptor Rehabilitation
Below are a few of our recent bird interactions:
This juvenile female Bald Eagle was found wandering
She was brought to us by a falconer/raptor
rehabilitator for examination.  She was anesthetized
and x-rayed and found to have no broken bones nor
lead ingestion (a common cause of neurological signs in
and treated her for that.  Later that day and the next
she ravenously ate approximately 4 pounds of raw fish
when hand fed with a long forceps.  She was placed in
our flight pen and was soon able to eat on her own but
was not able to fly yet.  She was returned to the
falconer for further rehab and was released about 3
weeks later in the same area that she was found.
We received a call from security at the Joe Louis Arena
parking garage in downtown Detroit in July about a bird
that couldn't find it's way out of the structure from the
third floor.  This beautiful female Peregrine falcon allowed
Dr. Smyth to walk close to her and net her.  She was in
great shape and had no wounds, fractures, etc.  She was
an "eyas" - a young bird recently out of the nest and
apparently had flown down into the parking structure and
had become "lost".  She was kept, fed and flown for a few
days and then released near where she had come from.
This Long Eared Owl is a migrant to southern Michigan,
normally found in large, deep forests in Canada and some
of the U.P.  It was confused in the city and ran into a window
at Cheli's Bar & Grill in downtown Detroit on January 2nd.  
An employee called Dr. Smyth and brought it to him in a
box.  X-rays showed no fractures (the left wing wasn't
functioning well) and he was concussed.  Medication, food
and time brought him around, and he was released at Dr.
Smyth's house in the evening on January 14th.  He flew off
perfectly after a nice meal of two dead mice!
Our 2 newest visitors!  The red,
or rufous, phase owl came from
Westland, MI and has a broken
collar bone.
The gray phase owl apparently
flew inside of a truck in West
Virginia and arrived in Michigan
with a broken wing.
Both a healing well and have
become friends!
Thank you for the donations made to the Morrison Animal Hospital
Raptor Rehabilitation Fund :)